Brazilian Publishers Trip to China

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In June 2016 the Office of the Frankfurt Book Fair based in São Paulo will organize the first trip of Brazilian Publishers to China. During this trip the main Chinese publishing houses will be visited. Other segments such as a distributors, graphic industries, librarians will join the trip so the participants can gain an overview of the market and the possibilities of networking between both countries.
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Seminário Rights Express: "Negociações e contratos internacionais"


The 1st of september 2015 the Frankfurt Book Fair accomplished the first seminar on Rights Licenses. This new brand of events related to rights & licenses "RightsExpress Seminar" had its international launch in Brazil and the topic was "Negotiations and international contracts". Mónica Herrero, a literary agent with more than 15 years experience in the market along with Dr. Gustavo Martins, a lawyer specialised in entertainment rights and consultor at SNEL participated at this convention.

Organizado no auditório do SNEL no centro do Rio de Janeiro, o seminário contou com a participação de editores independentes e de grandes editoras, que puderam formar ali uma base consistente para as negociações e a redação básica de contratos de vendas de direitos. Novas edições serão programadas para 2016. Fique atento aos nossos comunicados e assine nossa newsletter para se manter informado.

Our speakers:


Gustavo Martins, Lawyer specialised in copyright


Mónica Herrero, MH Literary Agency

Agents & Business Center


In 2015 an unprecedented Partnership between the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Bienal do Livro do Rio de Janeiro was established with the purpose of organising and promoting the "Agents & Business Center" a secluded and quiet area inside the Fair reserved for doing business and networking for all professionals of the publishing industry.

The Agents & Business Center was opened to professionals during the first three days of the Bienal. Those who bought an space could arrange their business meetings in a very productive atmospheren. All clients of ABC agreed on appreciating the existence area for their activities.
This partnership has been already established for the three upcoming editions of the Bienal of Rio de Janeiro in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Impressions of CONTEC Belo Horizonte

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What are the CONTEC conferences? At CONTEC, educators, managers in the educational field, experts in technology and education, editors and cross-media professionals can participate in an international program that combines visionary insights and practical experiences.

CONTEC BRAZIL encourages discussions such as the incorporation of new technologies in schools, training for teachers or digital media professionals, and social networks in literacy. Lectures and discussion panels explore the growing influence of digital books in the traditional editorial production, the challenges in cross-media production and the power of social media.


  • To present practical solutions and promote in-depth discussions about the education of readers, the available technologies for literacy, and the education of teachers in both Brazil and abroad.
  • To promote international exchange about literacy strategies.
  • To discuss and highlight new ways of education, especially through the implementation of new technologies, digital media, and social networks.
  • To present trends in creation and purchase of cross-media content: films, books, apps, games, merchandising, etc.