September 23rd, 2014

Cristiana Negrao Trini Vergara

Workshop "Business internationalization in publishing"

September 23, 2014
Universidade do Livro
Praça da Sé, 108, São Paulo

When we speak of business internationalization in the publishing market, the first issue that comes to mind is copyright. No doubt this is an important topic in the internationalization process; it is part of the foundation of any long-term editorial and sales planning. New technologies and digitization have brought new steps and tasks to the production chain of each title. This seminar aims to go beyond this issue. Planning is even more fundamental. Preparation and production steps must be taken into account even before any internationalization process. In this seminar we will find out why and how.

1. Basics for the translation in different countries
2. Which countries translate more books (+available grants)
3. Planning you international business
4. Presentation of your international company
5. Choose your international fair – in which one to participate and how
6. Getting ready to attend a book fair - catalog, translation, meetings, etc.

Trini Vergara, V&A Publishing, Argentina
Cristiana Negrao, Publishing Professional, Brazil

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In the Brazilian press:
"Feira de Frankfurt e Universidade do Livro juntas na organização de cursos para o mercado editorial"
Maria Fernanda Rodrigues
A Universidade do Livro, da Fundação Unesp, oferece desde 1999 cursos para profissionais do mercado editorial e para quem quer trabalhar com livros. A Feira de Frankfurt é o maior evento do setor do mundo e, fora isso, tem projetos em diversos países. As duas acabam de assinar acordo de cooperação que prevê a realização de cursos – entre quatro e seis por ano – com profissionais daqui e de fora, em São Paulo, na sede da Unil, na Praça da Sé.
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Germany at the São Paulo Biennial of the Book
Anhembi, 22nd to 31st August, 2014
About 30 publishing houses, institutions, distributors, magazines and companies from different segments of the publishing industry will take part in the German Pavilion at the São Paulo Biennial of the Book. More than 300 books from a wide range of topics and genres will be exhibited. The big changes and challenges of new technologies in the book industry will be addressed by professionals of the Bastei Luebbe Publishing House and Bookwire.
The Finken publishing house will present educational materials, by its Brazilian representative Jorge Barbossa.


Content in Action
Experience the future of interactive learning

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The world of knowledge is changing. Reading is still the key to getting a good education, but books are no longer the number one medium for acquiring knowledge. New technologies, innovative and entertaining approaches to learning, gamification, online platforms, apps, interactive learning tools and enhanced books are all shaking up traditional roles and reshaping the learning experience in schools, universities, at home and during leisure time. But the need for top-quality content is just as strong as ever.

This poses both challenges and opportunities for all those who play a role in the educational ecosystem. CONTEC Brasil will bring together all these players – educational and specialist publishers, children’s and YA publishers, university presses, educators, technology providers, librarians and more – to explore the latest trends and developments in interactive learning.

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CONTEC BRAZIL is a conference focused on education & children’s media content and technology.

In 2012, the Frankfurt Book Fair presented CONTEC Brazil in Sao Paulo. CONTEC BRAZIL was a conference on literacy, education, and children’s media content and technology. The success of the event showed that the topics were appropriately chosen for the current situation of children’s media. According to Juergen Boos, president of the Frankfurt Book Fair, “in this conference we brought together teachers and editors, and we provided a basis for the exchange of experiences and necessities”.

Hotspot Education 2011 29672

At CONTEC, educators, managers in the educational field, experts in technology and education, editors and cross-media professionals can participate in an international program that combines visionary insights and practical experiences.

CONTEC BRAZIL encourages discussions such as the incorporation of new technologies in schools, training for teachers or digital media professionals, and social networks in literacy. Lectures and discussion panels explore the growing influence of digital books in the traditional editorial production, the challenges in cross-media production and the power of social media.