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Experience the future of interactive learning

The world of knowledge is changing. Reading is still the key to getting a good education, but books are no longer the number one medium for acquiring knowledge. New technologies, innovative and entertaining approaches to learning, gamification, online platforms, apps, interactive learning tools and enhanced books are all shaking up traditional roles and reshaping the learning experience in schools, universities, at home and during leisure time. But the need for top-quality content is just as strong as ever.

This poses both challenges and opportunities for all those who play a role in the educational ecosystem. CONTEC Brasil will bring together all these players – educational and specialist publishers, children’s and YA publishers, university presses, educators, technology providers, librarians and more – to explore the latest trends and developments in interactive learning.

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CONTEC BRAZIL is a conference focused on education & children’s media content and technology.

In 2012, the Frankfurt Book Fair presented CONTEC Brazil in Sao Paulo. CONTEC BRAZIL was a conference on literacy, education, and children’s media content and technology. The success of the event showed that the topics were appropriately chosen for the current situation of children’s media. According to Juergen Boos, president of the Frankfurt Book Fair, “in this conference we brought together teachers and editors, and we provided a basis for the exchange of experiences and necessities”.

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At CONTEC, educators, managers in the educational field, experts in technology and education, editors and cross-media professionals can participate in an international program that combines visionary insights and practical experiences.

CONTEC BRAZIL encourages discussions such as the incorporation of new technologies in schools, training for teachers or digital media professionals, and social networks in literacy. Lectures and discussion panels explore the growing influence of digital books in the traditional editorial production, the challenges in cross-media production and the power of social media.


  • To present practical solutions and promote in-depth discussions about the education of readers, the available technologies for literacy, and the education of teachers in both Brazil and abroad.
  • To promote international exchange about literacy strategies.
  • To discuss and highlight new ways of education, especially through the implementation of new technologies, digital media, and social networks.
  • To present trends in creation and purchase of cross-media content: films, books, apps, games, merchandising, etc.



Brazilian and International experts debated at CONTEC Brazil “The future of interactive learning”
What is the best way to prepare for the introduction of innovative technology into learning practices? Debateing, informing, sharing experiences and being open to new technology, without fearing change. That is the conclusion of the two-day discussion over the future of interactive learning at CONTEC Brazil – Conference on Education, Technology, Content, and Book Market – held on february 18th in São Paulo and on february 20th in Canoas, Brazil. Participants concluded that the important thing is to face this challenge in the present, accept change, plot adequate models and work with innovations in order to ensure efficiency in the future. There were some unanimous conclusions, such as that speakers value teachers´ roles in learning, highlighting that without a firm presence of educators and a positive attitude to embrace innovations, solely through technology we will not solve educational challenges.

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The digital world is a reality and experts advise publishers and educators to face the issue head first, to not fear making mistakes, and to seek to work in partnership. Marifé Boix García, Frankfurt´s Book Fair Vice-President, enthusiastically discussed these numbers: “We are really happy to have a full house, to see the interest demonstrated by educators, publishers, and technology professionals – both conferences summed 1,200 participants whereby registration quickly filled up and finished days before the event. Technology may facilitate learning and yield student engagement, but it is fundamental that teachers are open minded toward technological tools”.

Saopaulo Ross

Games are a great educational tool that also captivated CONTEC participants. They evaluated their impact as highly helpful as it combines strength and emotional control. However, it is fundamental to choose the correct technology for a specific situation. E-books’ debates were also popular with the crowd. In their view, those involved with digital production cannot fear making mistakes and thus not fear experimentation. Big investments aren’t fundamental at this phase, yet experiments and mistakes must be made for this field to develop. Content creators must be open to innovate in order to keep up with the market.

Michael Ross, from Encyclopedia Britannica, summarised key concerns at CONTEC Brazil: “We all worry with teaching and learning, yet methods are rapidly changing. We all want educated citizens and in order to attain that we must all be open to change. Publishers, schools, parents and teachers, must adapt to these changes. In some manner we will keep a foot in the past, but we must eliminate digital exclusion.”

The audience:

  • Publishing professionals
  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • School administrators
  • Librarians
  • Creative industries professionals
  • Technology suppliers
  • Administrators of public institutions
  • Media companies
  • Agents
  • Journalists
  • Managers of educational and cultural activities